Our Approach

At Park Slope Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs we help each client find their personal path to wellness, utilizing the full range of modalities that make up Chinese medicine--acupuncture, herbs, massage, qigong (health-cultivation exercises), dietary therapy, and more.

In a private, serene environment we support you on your recovery from illness, journey to parenthood, or help you achieve your goal of a better and more vibrant life.

The core of our practice is women’s health, chiefly fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. However we also treat children and are skilled at addressing a variety of health concerns, from chronic and acute pain to digestive and respiratory conditions, emotional problems, and skin diseases.

You can read Sarah's bio here for more on her background and expertise. And please contact us if you have any questions.


Monday 1-7
Tuesday 9-2:30
Wednesday 1-7
Thursday 9-7

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We accept insurance if your health plan has an out-of-network acupuncture benefit. Please contact us for more information.